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To get the kimono taken out of the drawer

Kimono is a sustainable garment that is attracting attention from all over the world. It has been passed down from generation to generation, taking advantage of Japan's climate and using materials derived from nature. If your kimono, a traditional Japanese craft that is proud of itself to the world, is buried, Wake Up Kimono wants to rescue it right away. We are working on this idea.

Collection of kimonos you no longer wear

Are you having trouble dealing with kimonos that you don't have a chance to wear and are still sitting in your drawer? I'm sure it will become someone's destiny. We will pick up the item, perform optimal maintenance, and carefully deliver it to the person who wants to wear it.

Leave any situation to wake up kimono (example)

It's okay if there are stains or scratches. We will accept your kimono or obi regardless of its condition.
Please feel free to contact us first.

  • It's discolored
  • There are stains
  • Scratches/fuzz
  • torn
  • frayed

Please feel free to contact us first!

  • I'm having trouble disposing of it.
  • I don't know where to ask
  • I want to use kimono
  • There are kimonos that I haven't worn yet.
Request to pick up a kimono

Maintenance and repair where craftsmen breathe new life into the work

wake up kimono supports artisans across Japan. In order to pass on this wonderful technique to the future, we apply traditional techniques to the kimonos we receive. Please feel free to contact us for maintenance of your existing items.

Kimonos reborn

Introducing some of the products that have been given new life using traditional techniques.

Kimono → Kimono (embroidery case)



Kimono → Kimono (stain removal)



Obi → Obi (color change)



Obi → Obi (drawing)




Coordination suggestions that allow you to go out with confidence as soon as you receive them

I don't know how to combine kimono and obi. I'm worried that it will look out of place. At wake up kimono, our kimono professionals will suggest coordination tailored to the occasion and position, so you can enjoy your kimono with peace of mind.

  • Styling by scene

    • coming-of-age ceremony
    • Graduation ceremony/Entrance ceremony
    • wedding
    • Dinner/Party
    • Theater/concert
    • street clothes

    There are actually many opportunities to enjoy kimono. However, many people may find it difficult because there are etiquettes that are specific to each scene. We will suggest styling that suits the occasion you are wearing it.

  • Styling by type

    • Tomesode
    • Furisode
    • Visiting dress
    • plain color
    • subordinate
    • small crest
    • Tsumugi
    • yukata
    • band

    There are many types of kimono. The variations are endless by styling the kimono itself and the obi. One of the best parts of kimono is being able to reuse items you already have wisely.

  • Styling by age

    • young
    • Middle
    • Senior

    Kimono can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but styling that suits the age can greatly enhance the charm of the wearer. We would like people of all generations to enjoy our products by proposing class, color matching, and pattern matching that suits each generation.

  • Seasonal styling

    • spring
    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter

    Kimono, a traditional craft, has an elegance that can be enjoyed in accordance with the four seasons unique to Japan. By knowing the fabrics, patterns, and colors that make each season feel, we will deliver styling that can be worn all year round.

We are offering on-site consultations! (in preparation)

I recommend this hotel

  • I want you to organize your wardrobe
  • I am not sure if there is a proper storage method.
  • I want to wear and utilize what I can wear.
  • I don't know how to combine

Service overview

Kimono visit consultation

Our dedicated staff will visit your home and consult with you about organizing and maintaining your wardrobe.
We also accept coordination proposals and collection, so please feel free to contact us.

Price: ¥30,000 (tax included) Duration: 3 hours Varies depending on number of kimonos and consultation details.

Flow of the day

  1. inquiry
  2. Deciding on the schedule
  3. Visit
    • chest of drawers organization
    • maintenance
    • Coordination suggestion
    • Pick up

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