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Craftsmanship techniques to revive kimonos

Wisdom and skills cultivated through passion that are not found in textbooks. In the hands of these skilled craftsmen, kimonos lying dormant all over Japan are brought to life and passed on to new owners.

We carry out maintenance with an eye to the next 10 or 20 years, without getting caught up in immediate profits. That is our belief.

Careful maintenance according to the condition of the kimono

The kimonos gathered at wake up kimono come in a variety of types and conditions.
Because wake up kimono has deep connections with skilled craftsmen, we can suggest the best way to bring kimono to life.
We carefully check the condition of each item and apply the most appropriate techniques.

  • stain removal

    We assess the fabric, dyeing condition, and stain components, and use the most suitable method to remove and repair the stain.

  • Redyeing

    This is a technique where the cloth is returned to its original state and then dyed in different colors. By changing the dye according to your age and preferences, you can create a completely new flavor while keeping your memories intact.

  • embroidery

    We will repair any embroidery that has frayed or unraveled threads. Hand embroidery or machine embroidery can also be used to hide stains and scratches that cannot be removed.